​​​​The elegance of the harp and the beauty of the music!

Cynthia Schultz

Vesatility and Experience!

It was nice meeting you at the reception. You did a wonderful job in playing some beautiful music. My daughter was quite happy with the tunes you played for the night.

I was also glad to hear the history of the harp that you play. It was nice to listen to all the details of the harp. My friend who is an electronics buff like me, enjoyed talking to you.

If I come across anyone interested in your services I will let you know.

Thanks so much, we love your music!


From the Middle Bavarian Newspaper, Regensburg, Germany

​    In the program calendar of the German-American Institute there was   hidden under the title "Featuring American Musical Popular Composers" a small pearl: a solo Harp Concert by Cynthia Schultz from Edina, Minnesota...........

Cynthia 's harp sounded almost like a trusty zither. If one closed their eyes, one could believe for a moment that they were hearing all of the music of the world - This musical "chamelion" made it possible...........

In her "West Side Story" medley, the virtuoso artist played the ballads of Lenny Bernstein. The energetic, enthusiastic song "I feel pretty" was the best of the group- Cynthia Schultz made the harp swing with her rendition of Gershwin s 'Fascinating Rhythm".

​​Thanks for being with us for our 50th wedding anniversary!

Your music is beautiful and it added so much to our celebration.
Party at Crow Canyon Country Club, CA

​​Cynthia is a classically trained harpist and pianist who has been performing on both instruments since childhood. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with B.S. degrees in music education and music therapy. Cynthia is a well respected performer and popular free lance artist, with over 3500 performances to her credit. For over 30 years Cynthia has had an opportunity to perform extensively for; private clubs, wineries, hotels, business events, and weddings. In addition she has been a featured soloist for numerous concerts. Cynthia performs many solo engagements using her classical harp or Celtic harp and has also played in combination with a vocalist and/or flute, violin, bass or drums. Cynthia's love for music has led her to a broad repertoire; classical, jazz, pop, Celtic, folk and sacred music. Cynthia has released two CD's that have been well received; "Celestial Noel", for the Christmas season, and "Heartfelt Favorites".

​In  addition to performing, Cynthia maintains an active teaching schedule. Cynthia teaches the Celtic or lever harp & pedal harp and for over 30 years has been teaching people of all ages to learn!  In addition to teaching harp, she has extensive experience teaching piano and preschool music classes. Seeing the need for children's musical experiences to start before formal music lessons begin she researched, than began her preschool music program "Notes to Grow On!" She currently offers her program at The Center for Community Arts in Walnut Creek, where she is on the faculty. She is a certified early childhood music specialist and maintains an active studio at Center for Community Arts, Walnut Creek, Ca  and at her studio in Benicia.

Cynthia maintains her strong interest in music therapy and the powerful effects music has on people of all abilities. Cynthia is a member of numerous professional music organizations and continues to expand her love of music through teaching, performing, recording, composing and arranging music.